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About Gotham Energy

Gotham Energy Trade is a private firm that structures exchanges of raw materials and commodities to industrial consumers across the globe.

We specialize in the supply of copper to the worlds fastest growing nations. We facilitate the trade and transport of LNG, crude oil and transport fuels to out international customers. Our trading partners in these ventures are both producers and industrial end users in several industries such as energy generation, steel and specialty metals.

We also provide innovative technology to energy providers. Our innovative oil well EOM technology has proven to deliver up to 30% greater yield. This makes an oil rig or field that was shut down due to costs, suddenly financially viable. We have extremely high interest across the US and Middle East with a number of substantial trials due to be completed by the end of 2014.

Gotham Energy is a Delaware corporation with Headquarters in New York.


Our trade division has been working the volatile markets for crude oil, distillates and LNG for several years. Imbued with a culture of risk management, and utilizing proprietary derivative and physical trading strategies, our returns have been impressive, our knowledge-base expanding. With most global demand-drivers trending upwards, the near-term outlook is for continued aggressive, profitable trading.


We developed our copper expertise and contacts to capitalize on the current global demand. We have exclusive supply rights to various mining operations around the globe. We're well-positioned to continue meeting the demand through innovative and aggressive deal-making.Our customers are copper and steel mills throughout the High-Growth East, including countries such as China, India, Vietnam and Korea.


We are always searching for ways to improve the efficiency of the energy industry. Our research has led us to new and innovative oil drilling EOM technology. Current testing is proving yields of up to 30% greater than traditional technology. This means current oil wells previously declared financially unviable, can have a new lease of life. Interest is this amazing breakthrough technology is high throughout the US and Middle East.


With every transaction, Gotham Energy Trade's goal is value creation for ourselves and our trading partners. Drawing on our team's extensive experience and advantageous relationships across industries, we utilize proprietary derivative and physical trading strategies to best facilitate the flow of natural resources while still achieving impressive financial returns. We continually and rigorously evaluate global markets for potential opportunities, with a keen eye towards forwarding and maintaining long-term relationships with our trading partners, financial institutions and governments. Our nimble, adaptive approach to deal-making, combined with strong customer relations and broad market knowledge, allows us to recognize and capitalize on trading opportunities that volatile market conditions often expose.

In a world where commodity prices are more and more transparent, yet political and economic risks are perhaps greater than they have ever been, the key to added value for all parties often lies in the expert use of financial tools.


We have substantial interest in Africa and Mexico. In terms of Africa, our key activities are in natuaral resources, infrastructure and power generation. The team has a unique track record in trade and project development. We operate in some very challenging technical and political environments where we have created unique value in the supply chain of natural resources, energy, LNG distillates and West African crude.


With the backing of several first class banks and insurance underwriters, the Gotham Energy Trade and Transport finance team has concluded a variety of trade finance and asset-backed projects. The structures they have worked on include processing, tolling, exchanges, consignments, and pre-export and pre-production financing and barters. In addition they have developed ways to enhance revenues for producers and to protect end-users against increased costs by using derivative products to manage price risk. In line with Gotham Energy's overall policy of promoting long term strategic alliances, they have worked actively on arranging and providing formal credit facilities to customers and participated in bids to acquire assets during privatisation tenders.

Key Executive
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  • Peter Kuhn is the CEO of Gotham Energy Trade (GET). He has over 25 years’ experience in the physical energy and metals trading and logistics business. Additionally he has been a project financier and developer to frontier market infrastructure projects related to power generation logistics and natural resource extraction.

    Peter was founder and CEO of a large logistics and trading (GET).  This company purchased and managed nine tanker ships; developed four frontier market power plants in Latin America and Africa; developed or redeveloped 5 mines; traded crude oil, distillates and base metals.

    Prior to founding GET, peter was a partner in a fund that invested in early stage technology and then midstream energy assets. While in that role, he implemented a wide range of innovations and operating efficiencies. These yielded the difference between successful and losing projects and investments. In this capacity he worked with Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, and Kinder Morgan. He started as a clerk on the floor of the NYMEX. Where 4e was promoted to trader. Held a variety of roles which crossed between the derivative and physical markets.

    Mr. Kuhn also, served as a Strategy and project development consultant to a variety of clients including: Sithe Energy, Total, and Stat Oil. Peter has a B.A. from Columbia ’85. He is a frequent lecturer at SIPA at Columbia University.

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The world is better when we work together.